First Cubase Tune "If I Knew"

OK, so it’s a sort of Instrumental guitar thing. Guitars are all miced Marshall JVM 410H, drums are from my mid kit (Yamaha DTX) I kind of just learned as I went. Any and all feedback is welcome, I’m pretty adept with Logic, but cubase 6 seems kind of alien, so I’m trying to learn. So yeah, check it out, and lemme know, eh?

Decent geetar playing but I can barely hear the drums and bass :frowning:

Like any new complex software it takes a while to find your way around.

Yeah, the guitar playing certainly sounds well executed for the style - good job in that regard! - but it does rather dominate the mix as Phil suggests. While the bass and drums need to be more present I think they’re also lacking and real bottom end. Snare sounds too thin and ‘toppy’ for this sort of production too, (but as everyone will tell you - I’m no snare expert! :laughing: ) But yeah, generally I’d try fatten up your rhythm section - needss more balls! :smiley:

Well played on the guitar! I think the bass, kick, and anything else in the low range should be louder to give it more balance.

Thanks, guys! I appreciate the feedback!

Yes, I agree with others, the balance isn’t right and the snare needs to be bigger.
But great guitar playing! :sunglasses: