First Cubasis then Cubase Pro for iPad?

Has anyone considered the possibility that this may be just the stripped down version of a bigger ‘pro’ version yet to be released? The name of the app does sort of hint at this! I guess this could also explain the 16 bit only audio, no automation, ‘tone’ controls for EQ etc etc… I also wonder how much we will all have to pay Steinny to get our ‘feature requests’ implemented?

I guess not. If it was like that how much would they charge
for the pro version?! I guess they’ll keep up adding features to
Cubasis 'til it’s good. Maybe they released it that plain because they
wanted to see what the specific needs are. Now they can come up with
features that are required and get input by the users. It’s an easy way to
get a user-created mindmap.

Let’s hope so No1DaBeats…
Would be nice if a Steinberg official would care to comment on my two questions though!


My guess is that Cubasis is rather a test-the-water type of app. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that it’s more than adequate for a person with good old compositional imagination, but I think that it is just the beginning.

As for Steinberg confirming or denying your questions above, they cannot reveal any information of future product releases, and as for your second questions, they will of course implement new features as they allocate time to do so, for a price that likely is yet to be determined.