First Day Cubase 7 Impressions..

OK, I have been using Cubase non stop for the past 6 hour or so since release! and I can finally say i’m more than happy!. This is the biggest Cubase update ever in my opinion!

Notable features…

Asio delay compensation
this works like a dream… finally after 10 years of using cubase, I can write melodies without having to open the piano roll to fix the delay! been waiting a long time for this! Lived upto my expectations and more!

Mediabay always on top
Finally! I now have a new workflow for building sample loops, I just add an audio track and track and drop one-shots directly onto the audiochan… I couldn’t do this yesterday because the loop browser diddnt have always on top!

Mediabay Shuffle
Found some really great samples thanks to this! :slight_smile: such a small yet massive feature

the mixer DOES need a little refinement, however… you can adjust it into something quite workable! I find turning on exclusive + fixed tracks works well with the Channel settings page sitting Directly above it… (we need more key commands! please keycommands for everything)

Default preset for plugins
Works exactly as i hoped it would!..

Asio Guard
this does seem to actually work! I opened a project that had regular dropouts in 6.5 and it worked perfectly!

plugin choose
also a great addition, press the button, type 2 chars of the plugin name. press enter… and it’s loaded…

all in all i’m happy… (I wasn’t earlier but i am now… it just takes some time to get used to!)

Thanks for this.
Can’t wait to have a go at it for myself.

Wish they had spent the time they took dis-abling XP installs on making the editors AOT. :imp:

how did you get the asio delay compensation to work?
i switched it on in recording midi prefs… but didn´t change a thing.
recorded midi notes still too early.

kind regards

Did you then enable it on the track?

on each midi channel and vst instrument there should be a new asio compensation button

make sure that is orange…

works like a charm for me

Did any other windows get “always on top” treatment, i.e. key editor? Thanks

unfortunately not…

Thanks for checking Xtigma. Your review has been the most helpful. Thanks!

ahhh, the compensate button… damn son! holy moly! this alone makes it a valuable update! :wink:

thx a lot

1 more thing… small but important!..

you can now name your group channels as you add them!..

small but very handy for me

Agreed! if this was the only new feature i’d still have bought it!

You can name all tracks as you add them.

so you can! :slight_smile: i’ll be naming my tracks as I add them from now on! :slight_smile:

Please excuse my ignorance but what is

Asio delay compensation

I have been working with Logic and Cubase for years but have never come across this term in reference to MIDI.
I understand delay compensation for plugins when I’m mixing.

When I’m recording MIDI it always replays exactly as I played it in (MIDI jitter aside) is this “Asio delay compensation” in reference to recording MIDI whilst plugins are also in the channels path?

I never have any plugins running when I’m recording MIDI parts or audio parts as they all get added at the final mix stage, is this why I’ve never had this issue.

I’m somewhat confused by this new feature in Cubase 7 - what am I missing?

Thanks for the words. Mine arrive tomorrow!

it isnt not

if you have not encountered this then that’s good!

however for me, up until today. any time i would record midi, the notes would record early in the project and I would have to manually go in and adjust it. It’s to do with the asio latency, if you work at a low latency you will be fine. however I run at 16ms… and my UAD plugins add a bunch of extra latency also… the result for me (and quite a few others) was significantly early midi!

but now… problem solved! :slight_smile:

XP will be gone after next year, better to be ready for the future.

Some experience issues with MIDI timing, some not. If you don’t, no need for the feature.

Well, everything seems to work here, accept for my cc121 having some issues (not working at all on some projects)
really have to adjust to the new mixer’s appearance.
I wish I could see more faders in one screen, but maybe the channel view will be useful for that.
I am quite overwhelmed with all the possibilities…

I am working on 2X24" and 19" and I think I am gonna need the 19" a lot more now