First day help - full score staff names question

Hi, I’m a long time Sibelius-user experimenting with Dorico for the first time. I’ve set up a unique score layout for a musical I’m arranging. I have a lead soprano and lead tenor part in my score that I would like to label with the singer’s character name (Elie and Fletcher). I’ve successfully changed the names in the player list, which automatically updated my layout names correctly. So far so good. However, in the full score (see attached image) the names ‘Soprano’ and ‘Tenor’ are still being used. I’d like my score to reflect the character names. I can’t figure out how to accomplish this. Please help.

Dorico makes a distinction between player names and instrument names. Instrument names appear as staff labels in the score.

Click the chevron to the right of the player name to expand the card. Then click the chevron that appears when you hover over the instrument name (should be the one you want to change) and choose Edit Names.

Exactly as detailed above, staff labels use the instrument name rather than the player name. To help explain where the different names are used, there’s this topic in the manual: