First day in new studio setup Hafler M5's sound great

Today was the first listening to the new studio setup where I’ve moved to. I’m operating in basically 1/3 the space of my old studio but I’m completely blown away by how great my Hafler M5 speakers sound.

I set them up with a Hafler 100 w amp I’d not been using and they sounded lousy -all high end. Put my Alesis 100 w in place and suddenly ,just amazing detail. (Hafler amp must be faulty) It has to be partly the room which is very small and thick carpeted floor. This is a pleasant surprise ,anxious to see what the Hosa 8" sound like.

Main ongoing point, dump fading technology unless you’re really using it. I have roughly 10 scsi cables which will have to be thrown away as well as a EMU ESI sampler and Pioneer cd rom scsi standalone drive - all of zero value.

Aloha M,

Glad to hear you are back up-and-running.


dump fading technology unless you’re really using it.

Good advice

Good to hear you are back up. I say, either dump fading technology or wait until it becomes vintage!

+1 That’s more good advice.

I still have a brand new, still in the box

Just waiting for the update. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have a Roland TR-707 that I used for about a year about 30 years ago! I think somebody is going to want to buy that. And my DX-7. And a couple of really old guitars, although they may not be for sale!

Nice, good to have you back :slight_smile:
It appears Haflers are not available in Europe, was wondering what they’d cost. Are there active versions too?

I think I paid approx $200 for these on sale at GC. It was a fantastic buy ,I now realize. Not sure if there are active versions.

Early 21 - always a good idea to check actual values as I’m sure you know. The value of a DX7 could be at its height right now ,whereas the 707 probably still has growth.I got some surprises during my sell off. I was about to post a Mutron Octave Diver for $50 on CL but a last minute check showed they were going for $700.

Good advice!