First day iPad consensus

So what’s the consensus? I was not particularly interested at first only to find (after trying it) that finally I’ve got a laptop killer iPad app. I gave up on the iPad years ago as only good for information consumption (and not that great at that really). Tried all the pro apps and never found them of any substantial use - Cubasis, Numbers, Photoshop, etc.

So surprisingly it looks like it’s changed my workflow, I can finally get rid of paper for initial writing, and when the team adds more voices for a full orchestra I can do even more.

  • Amazing
  • Good
  • It’s OK
  • Not for me

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It could be both Amazing and Not for me, of course.

One would hope that people who don’t want or need to use an iPad are still capable of understanding the benefits for others.

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Yep, that’s both an Amazing and a Not For Me - iPad too old and I have a MacBook Pro topped out at High Sierra and a Mac Pro @ Mojave to replace…so a new iPad is a long way down the list, despite being knocked out by this new app! And I’m betting that Dorico 4 won’t run on my MacBook…progress is sure getting pricey.

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