First ending

Can I make first ending bracket to be at start of the left bar

Yes, you can move the start handle to the left in Engrave mode.

I try to just drag it, But it makes more distance above.And I can’t to bring it down

What else is going on in the rest of the system? It looks like you’ve added chord symbols, so there’s a chance Dorico’s doing collision avoidance with another item elsewhere in the system, but we can’t see from that screenshot. Again, if the functionality to move this repeat ending graphically isn’t working, share a zip of the project.

I can drag it, But is there a configuration from engraving mood
test.rar (1.44 MB)

Right, it appears higher than “normal” because at the rhythmic position where the start of the 1st ending is attached, the chord symbol is causing a collision, so it’s being pushed higher to avoid that. Just to demonstrate, if you move that Fmadd9 chord symbol one beat to the right, you’ll see the repeat ending jump back down again.

There isn’t a default option that says “push the start of repeat endings to the left rather than up when there are collisions”, so if that’s what you want, you’ll just need to handle that manually.

(PS the title is “Writing’s On The Wall”. Also, for your “Verse 1/2” text, you can add those within the music rather than in text frames if you like - press Shift-X to enter text that’s attached to the music. You can disable collision avoidance if you don’t want Dorico to make room for that text between staves.)

That was super helpful, Thank you your amazing

But how can I delete verse text frame.?

press Shift-X to enter text that’s attached to the music
How can I resize this text, I try to make it smaller by duple click, Than change the font size. But it keeps as the same size

Either select the frame (in Engrave mode, with Frames selected in the Engrave toolbox) and press Delete; or remove the page override for the corresponding pages - although if you’ve done other overrides, that will remove those too.

Changing the size: when you double-click the item and the text editor appears, make sure you select the text before changing the font size (i.e. highlight it, as you would in a text editor)

I start to understand dorico , Now the text you mention above I add one in the first bar, But I can’t move it, it’s steel lock to their position. I want to move it where the arrow point

Move to other rhythmic positions in Write mode. Mode graphically (anywhere on the page) in Engrave mode. This philosophical split applies to everything.

Why if I make any change in Engrave Mood some time it’s return to default !!! Is it because I use tow window ?

Are you switching to other layouts? Moving items graphically only changes their position in one layout, unless you have “Set local properties” set to “Globally” in the top right of the Properties panel. You can also reset the position of items by choosing Edit>Reset Position or deactivating the relevant offset properties in the Properties panel.

Can You help me with this, I’m really sorry for asking much, I was wondering about this panel it’s locked not like before it’s was open

Try closing and reopening the project:

When I add a fermata it’s add it to tow stave. I want only in treble staff

You have two options:

  1. Drag the unwanted fermatas off the page
  2. Create a playoff technique using the fermata glyph and assign it that way.

Can You help me I have The last Page with much space, But the system are close together. I want to make space between the system in the last page

They’re close together because the page isn’t full enough vertically to be justified (spread out across the height of the page).

Either reduce the threshold for vertical justification (“Justify distance between staves and systems when frame is at least [n]% full”), or move the bottom of the music frame on the last page up a bit (which makes the frame shorter, meaning the music will justify within the frame).

I want to add sustain to all of my peace not only using Ped sign under all bar. Can I ?