First! Exited ;-)


I second that emotion! :smiley:

Very excited about this. Hopefully the GUI lag has finally been eliminated.

And there’s no two without three! :smiley:

No three without four. :mrgreen:
Very excited!

Well isn’t it funny. about 12 hours ago I checked to see if it had been released. I search on google to find some news but nothing. Something inside told me it would be today.
I’m specifically looking forward to one particular feature and want to see if it’ll help in my own scenario.
Bummer is I have to goto work in an hour so it looks like i’ll have to wait till tonight.

Fingers crossed guys :slight_smile:

Noticed the new GUI looks quite nice. Darker, clearer…

Really cool! Very excited too :smiley:
I joined the Cubase family in June this year,and found Cubase to be perfect for my hobbyist work.Lots of great features,etc

Well done to all the team at Steinberg,for Cubase 10 (all versions) .I have seen some of Greg Ondo Youtube videos about Cubase 10 Pro,the GUI certainly looks crisper.
Look forward to hearing and reading all about the new features and enhancements :smiley:

We got AAF and edit mode from Nuendo!

Downloading now :slight_smile:

Grace period already working?

Same happened with me! :smiley:

Joining in on the excitement party. The GUI looks crisp.

It did for me:

I am happy to report my installation and first launch went flawlessly! :open_mouth:

I upgraded from 9.5 pro with lots of plugins and VST’s. No errors on launch at all. All content seems to be there as expected.

I opened up an existing 9.5 project with Rack instruments connecting to VEP and it worked on the first try.

The screen seems brighter. More crisp. Maybe a higher contrast setting or something? Not a bad thing, just was the first thing i noticed that was different.

I like the new channel settings window and the way the channel strip works. Much cleaner to my eyes.

The track type icons are a nice add.

I am happy so far. I have not hit any snags and no bugs that are in my workflow…yet. Whew! I am always holding my breath when I step out as an early adopter. :smiley:

I just finished installing 10, but I noticed that my preferences and settings from 9.5 haven’t migrated to 10. Is this something that should happen automatically or does it need to be done manually? I have both 9.5 and 10 currently installed.

I’d already lost my ‘control room’ settings with the previous 9.5 update. My keycommands, Midi devices hardware set up and Plug in manager ported automatically.