First experiences

After a day of testing:

  • Setting up a project and inputting notes was fine. For me easier than with finale. Also setting up playback worked well.

  • No crashes so far :slight_smile:

  • The playback is still a very simple: Having a choice of good sounds does only make sense for me, when articulations and dynamics are played. For some static dynamix expressions this works, but neither for crescendi nor for any articulation. e.g. if you have p<ff dorico steps to ff at the end of the crescendo.

  • I did not find a way to reset “tweakings” in the piano roll to the original state. This would be important for selections if you make any accidental changes.

  • There is an option “setup plugin playing techniques” which made me hope for being able to adjust articulations. However this does nothing. The same is with the edit button in playback.

The dynamic jumping at the end of the cresc is something that we’ve already fixed and will be in the next update. I think you may be able to reset the playback offsets by selecting the notes and switching to Write mode, then open the Properties panel and find the start and end offset properties and uncheck them.

Playback of playing techniques is something we’re working on.