First few days impression with 16 inch M1 Max Pro and Cubase 11 pro - wow

yeah this can really change per install…one bad plugin, old usb stick or buggy symlink can bring your whole system down

ive had situations where setting the buffer above 512 was making my machine actually slower, can you imagine

43x5 Gullfoss is still f*cking amazing, trust me

my 2019 maxed out MBP is for sale hehe

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Ok now this is even stranger. After updating to the latest gulfoss vst 3.6.5 I can only run 12 gulfosses on 3 tracks of stereo audio. settings are exactly as before. But that’s a huge huge drop. No idea what is going on. I guess I should try on the Mac pro 16 core too when i get a chance.

I actually noticed this too, and then I found on their website that they released a fix. Below is a snippet from the changelog. v 1.11.1 fixed it for me.

v1.11.1 (2021-11-19)
• [MAC] Improved performance under Rosetta 2.
v1.11.0 (2021-11-12)
• [MAC] Apple Silicon support.
• SHIFT-drag changes the parameters faster in Gullfoss Master.

I’m curious what version you were using prior to upgrading when you were able to run 50 tracks. It seems like plugin performance can vary wildly depending on how efficient developers code their plugins.

Thanks for the heads up - I emailed soundtheory too, so will hear what they say. I didn’t make a note of the previous GF version unfortunately. All I can say is i hadn’t updated for at least over a year maybe even more.

Ok - so back to normal - in fact better - can now run 52 stereo tracks with an additional 9 GFs.

So 259 in total.

After seeing this I tried the test again. Now I can run 50 tracks (plus an extra track with 1 instance), so 251 instances of Gullfoss total. Big improvement from previously being able to run 43 (215 instances of Gullfoss)

sounds about right, and once cubase provides M1 compatibility, no doubt there will be an even bigger increase.

Have you tried making posts praising the new Steinberg Licensing scheme to see if it runs smoother then?

On a serious note, thanks to those reporting early experience here. Got my M1 Pro and was planning to try Logic first and finish Cubase projects on my old machine, but thinking now it’s gonna be so much nicer to finish them on the new one.

Yeah, I can’t wait until cubase and all plugins run natively.

I did another quick test where I loaded each track with the following plugins and duplicated until the audio stuttered.

  • DMG Trackcomp 2
  • Pro Q3
  • Pro DS
  • Soothe 2

My intel machine completely destroyed my M1 machine. I was able to run 536 tracks on the intel i9-9900k machine and only 332 tracks on the M1 Max. Goes to show that Rosetta performance is heavily dependent on whether or not a plugin is optimized.

I would say that this test is more in line with my real world experience at the moment with sessions that have a mix of plugins with varying degrees of optimization. The intel machine has an easier time handling bigger sessions with a wide variety of plugins.

What about single-threaded performance? I see lots of multithread/multicore stress tests - ie. comparisons of how many tracks can run one instance of a plugin. But the biggest bottleneck for me in audio mixing has always been when I max out a single thread by, say, having a bunch of plugins on one track, which is then submixed (with oversampled processing on the submix bus), with additional oversampled plugins on the master FX chain.

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I’m not sure the best way to test this, but I was able to run 8 instances of Gullfoss Master on one track before the audio on that one track would skip on the 9th instance. I was able to duplicate this track containing 8 instances of Gullfoss 4 times before the audio started to crackle.

Interestingly enough, I could run the single channel test at any buffer size except for 32, 768, 1024, 2048. Very strange how the high buffer sizes caused the audio to crap out, you’d think it would be the opposite. I could run the 4 channels of 8 gullfoss at a buffer size of 384 only. Seems weird to me but maybe I dont completely understand how buffer size works.

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I reported the issue about Gullfoss new M1 version and then they quickly fixed it the next day. I had a stress test where I could have about 315 instances of GF open on an M1 Pro. When they released the new M1 native version in cubase I could only open 16 instances of GF. So I reported it back to Gullfoss and they said it was because Cubase runs everything in Rosetta i.e. it will not run the M1 versions of any plugins, just Intel. GF had added an improvement to the intel code but it did not work so they fixed it. Everyone should be using latest installer because the previous one will be terrible in Cubase.

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