First few notes in D4 and some unexplainably weird behaviour

Thank for your hard work! But some weird behaviour just occurred. I‘ve just typed some notes into an old D3.5 file and immediately got stuck. When I type in notes in galley view and the notes reach the right edge of the screen galley view doesn‘t move on at all. I even can‘t move the scroll bar any further to the right. Why is this happening?
Thanks for your help and a very happy new year to you all!

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You should find a quick zoom in and out will fix it.

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Yes. Now I can see the notes I just typed in. But by typing more notes, same happens.

Yes, sorry about this – this is something that will be addressed in the first maintenance update, expected soon.


Thank you Daniel. When is this update about to come?

Not sure, but quite soon. We have already fixed a handful of issues since we build the final build for release, but we will also wait a little bit to see what further feedback we receive following the initial release before we determine exactly what the schedule will be.

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Hopefully I can still use D3.5 ? (I can‘t try it out at the moment, because I am not in front of my computer). This bug in Dorico 4 slows down my workflow so drastically that I cannot use it productively at all at the moment.

Yes, Dorico 3.5 will continue to run on your computer exactly as before.

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Great news for the moment. Thank you.

Clarification, for my own reference if nothing else: This happens when adding new notes also adds bars. Auto-scrolling fails because the size of the score is not updated. It works fine when the bars are already there. (Thank you, carry on.)

Not so. It’s happening to me with bars that are already there. I’ve entered all bars for one player and it’s happening as I enter the part for the next player (all in full score view).

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I‘ve just updated to Dorico, but sadly the aforementioned scrolling/note-input bug in galley view is still there.

The team know - it was supposed to have been fixed in the update but a number of users have continued to have the same problem (myself included) and have reported it