First few Q's n comments after the first few minutes of C9

Hi =)

just upgraded and it has been running very stable. nice. =)

First few Q’s n C’s are:

  1. Bottom editor- It would be nice if it would “jump” to whatever event is selected. Is there an option for that?

  2. When creating a folder in the arranger, mediabay starts playing sound (if it was stopped and minimized)

  3. Midi/Audio editor “Always on top”? - I cannot press play/record on the bottom or top transport section without the audio/midi editor minimizing. The editors only stay open when using the transport bar…

  4. Tonic by steinberg was my only blacklisted plugin… lol

    Overall a smooth install and a pleasurable experience so far for cubase9 on win7x64.

Thank you for any tips on the questions above and thank you steiny for all your work.

Have a good C9 everybuddy=)

p.s.- to steiny - I really hope that you see the value of the feedback/requests that I have passed along throughout my years with you as it is to make things better than they are. :wink:

For #1
Preferences>Editors>“Editor Content Follows Event Selection” (used to be called “Link Editors” :wink: )

The problem with this is I want different behavior for the lower editor vs. the standalone editor. On the standalone I want it to not follow the selection, while in the lower editor I want it to follow the selection.

A mildly annoying workaround I’ve found is to set the Preference to not follow the selection. Now the standalone behaves like I want, but the lower editor doesn’t change when you select a different part in the Project window. However you can force the lower editor to display the newly selected part by turning the Lower Zone off & then back on. Also switching to another tab in the lower zone and then back to the editor tab works too.

i hear ya…

another weird thing just happened here…lol-- I left the set open (not playing) and did laundry, ate etc…
-came back to it and pressed play… no sound… lol… the set is playing , the arranger is in a loop and playing but the mixer is not showing any activity on any track and i hear no sound… lol…

also noticed the :
copied from rendered track:
chinese or whatever symbols is going strong too… lol
( would be cool if someone could translate the text ) - attached in a file @:

OT- it would be nice if we could also upload txt and zip files etc… only jpg,gif and png seems kind of minimalistic…:wink:

have a nice weekend =)