First flow is not No. 1?

I want to have the first flow just be a movement called “Introduction”. Then the second flow will be “1. My First Movement”, and the third one “2. My Second Movement” (15 in all). How would I do that? I supposed I could remove the flow number from the template and manually number the flows/movements. But perhaps ye wise ones have a better idea.

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Your idea sounds like a good one to me.

I worked on an engraving last month for a symphonic work that was exactly the same format as yours. Works fine.

Yep. I use the FlowWorkNumber token for this kind of thing.

Make the Intro the last flow. Then make a custom Master Page for it.

This is way more faff if you have lots of layouts, isn’t it? Particularly if in some layouts that first/last flow takes up more than one page.

You’re probably right since you’d have to apply the Master Page Change to each Layout one at a time.

Yes, I think Leo’s idea is a good one: use another field in Project Info to contain the number you want to appear, and define two flow headings in Engrave mode, one that uses the token for the field you’ve used for the flow number, and the other with no number at all. Then you can use one flow heading for the first flow in the project and, provided your second flow comes on page 2 or later, you can then change to the other flow heading that uses the ersatz flow number, and that should be reasoanbly easy to achieve in all part layouts.