First Hip-Hop Track With Cubase 6! TweekCoast - Mary Jane

This is my first Hip-Hop track with my own instrumentals made with Cubase 6! Any feedback is welcome as you can tell I am not PRO just yet but the quality of my music is pure and quite good! ENJOY!!!

I would add a lot more variation to the track. The same drumloop playing for 3.5 minutes with you rapping over it will not hold everyones attention. Also try using a compressor and some EQing to get your voice to stick out more, I couldn’t understant most of what you said.

Thanks for the advice bud! I thought my vocals were a bit quite when I listened to them on my speakers. It sounded much clearer on my headphones so I just exported the song!
Anyways thanks again. : )

On the endbus carefully roll of the low end. My headphones (AKG K272) can’t handle it on avarage levels.

I Agree with strophoid, it tend to get boring after a minute because only the voice is changing. Make some earcatchers, breaks and maybe something of a breakdown. Take the listener by the hand through the song.

I have no comment on the song or rap itself, Somehow I didn’t develop tastebuds for this kind of music.

Keep it up! Dylan.

Thanks for the feedback I will be adding much more instrumentals for my next track! This was somewhat experimental to see how my vocals sound! Ah well everyone has their own taste in music. I ain’t trying for gangsta rap and that main stream bs I keep it genuine and from my soul.