First "Insert Bar" tempo problem

Please, try this.

New Project in Cubase 7.0.2 (120 4/4 standard)

Insert bar (for example 5/4) with Button “insert Bar” in time track (control + T)

Nothing happens. If I have some midi part AFTER this (I want insert bar in fifth BAR and I have some midi notes start in seventh bar THIS MIDI NOTES slide by 5/4 but with NO new 5/4 new bar…

If I insert bar with mouse (alt clik or pencil tools) Cubase correctly show it.

FROM NOW ON (after alt click or pencil tools insertion) INSERT BUTTON works…


I think I can confirm it, but I needed to figure out what you were saying… :confused:

The issue:
in a new project
open the Tempo Track Editor
open Process Bars dialog
try to insert bars (using a new time sig)
the first time you do this is a new project the program does not respond properly.

The workaround (which you found) is to manually insert a time signature with the pencil tool. Thereafter it works normally.

Yes, I’m italian and I don’t know english very well…

I edited my post, you can copy it and report the issue in the Issue Reports forum.

Thanks! :smiley: