First (ish?) attempt to use PLE - can't find ability to show locked X

I’d like to see all the locked tracks, track versions, parts, and events in my project. I thought I’d dip a toe in PLE, and tried to modify the template “Show Tracks with Track Versions”, but I couldn’t find a parameter of “Locked”.

Can someone lend a hand please?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Howdy … anybody?

Thanks in advance for any help!

There’s no way to automatically select Locked elements using the Project Logical Editor, as far as I know.

What you can do is use the new Post-Process Commands to Lock/Unlock a selection made with the PLE.

@Romantique_Tp thanks.

Is there any way to ask Cubase to identify all the locked elements in a project (track, track version, part, event, etc.)?

I seem to have the hardest time doing that, always missing one or two on my first “n” searches. (All this is done because I can’t Insert Silence of anything is locked between the locators).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!