First Launch- Mostly Successful Few vst's dont register

Hi PG,
The new Version 8 looks great and I can’t wait to dig in and start using it. Overall my first launch went rather well. I have a large number of plug ins and the only ones that failed to register were the current versions of:

Audio Ease Speakerphone
Flux Trax
Flux Purelimiter
Kush UBK 32bit

I wanted to send you the info since with every new version the plug-in compatibilities are a work in progress!
Thanks for all you work on this- can’t wait to use it.


What is the versions of the Flux plugins?

Hi PG,

My flux and speakerphone are the current installs from their site.
The flux version are:

Flux Ircam Tools- Trax

Flux Pure Limiter

Speakerphone is 2.0.5