First month in Cubase

…And I have some questions. I hope this is the right place.

When we expand the midi editor and make it floating— how can I turn that into a drum editor? I know how to do this when it’s docked but don’t see the option where it usually is in the lower corner when floating.

My next question is about the drum editor: I can’t stand that 1:1:1 in the drum editor first, is sharing this awkward space with the outputs, names, and then where it says “Snap” the beginning of the grid starts here and I can’t get the Snap part to go away, there’s this hideous shared space where it starts and i can’t move it more left to cover the snap times up…it is so awkward. Does anyone know how to hide these in the drum editor?

My second question relating to the drum editor is that the first hit on 1:1:1 is obfuscated and only half of the diamond shows and it’s difficult/annoying to move around etc. Opposed to the key editor where it is basically immaculate looking.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

This is not possible to do it the same way, as you can do it in the Lower Zone. You have to close the Key Editor and open the Drum Editor from the MIDI menu. Btw, if there is a Drum Map in the tracks, the Drum Editor opens automatically instead of the Key Editor (by default; if not, change the preferences > Editors > Use Drum Editor when Drum Map is assigned option, please).

Could you attach a screenshot, please? I’m not 100%was I understand you. But if I do understand you… You cannot hide these. But even if you would be able to hide it, you would get the same issue with the outputs.

As far as I understand you, it’s hard to reach the very 1st position in the Drum Editor, right? I mean… It’s not recommended to start the music at bar 1 anyway. It’s recommended to keep 1 or 2 bars free, to “stabilise” the playback. So if you would start your music at bar 3, you don’t meet this problem anymore.

Starting the music at the 3rd bar would solve this too.

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Thank you for the healthily sized response. So, I’m not home but yes you are on the same page as I (no pun intended) about the Snap menu.

I watched a video from Dom to see how he does it and it is closer to what you said. I think I’ll just use the Key editor or beat designer for now though, so it is okay.

But yes, you answered everything I asked so thank you! And didn’t make me feel dumb in the process as a beginner so thanks.

Is there a source supported by Steinberg where I can take one on one lessons that you know of? I’m watching video after video and in a 10 minute video I might find one thing I didn’t know. Yes…I could read the whole manual…but no, I pretty much have the understanding but certain behaviors of the program still baffle me

This isn’t a one on one course but Chris Selim has an EXHAUSTIVE Cubase course.

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thanks man. yeah i downloaded his color palette a few weeks ago. one last question to you or anyone: do we know of a key command where after highlighting midi notes, we can use the arrow buttons to extend them or even ctrl+ right arrrow?

Actually… what I just posted was for the score editor. Disregard.

Highlight your notes… Option + left/right arrows adjust the start of the notes… Shift + Option + left/right arrows adjust the end of the notes.