First new 'rock' demo recording in a while [UPDATED]

Hi guys,

[UPDATE] - With a lot of coaching & some considerable patience from Sav I’ve redone the mix for this track. The like below now links to the new (and hopefully improved version). :sunglasses:

Thought you might like to hear the latest demo recording I’ve done.

I’m open to any feedback anyone has on the production or arrangement.

Tech info for my fellow geeks:

All guitars are a Fender JA-90 Telecaster in to a Sansamp PSA1.1 pre amp, VHT 2/90/2, Zilla 2x12 cab with Celestion V30’s. I used a pair of Shure SM58’s to mic the cab.

Bass is a Ibanez Soundgear SR506 recorded direct.

Drums are all from the Toontracks Superior Drummer 2 plugin.

Vocals were recorded with a MXL 992 mic.

And I recorded it all in Cubase Artist 6.



Hi, really good track…nice drum arrangement ( could have been further up in the mix for me ) I know for this genre of music a pad is not usually acceptable but I reckon at the guitar break if a ( very ) distant ethereal sounding pad came into the mix it would lift it for the final minutes, really good work, cheers, Kevin

Hi Kevin, glad you liked it. I know where you’re coming from with the pad idea. I had thought of adding one from the wah section onward… but just couldn’t find something I liked. That’s actually why there’s some vocals in that section as I was initially using them for ideas for the pad. :slight_smile: I think I’ll go back & revisit that idea.



Hi Simon,

Great song, thanks for sharing!

A very good demo mix indeed, but overall it sounds on the light, bright and polite side of things in my headphones and through my monitors :frowning:
A bit hard to explain why, probably because it’s Sunday!

So, I hope you don’t mind, I’ve sent you an audio example of what I mean.
Line it up with your mix and do an A/B test.

It’s a bit of an extreme edit, but hopefully it will put ideas forward for you to try out.


I like the song.

The mix is missing some punch and bottom end (maybe a bit more bottom end on both drums and bass could be dug up). The cymbal towards the end of the song stands out too much to me and sounds like it was done using a mouse (i.e. not much variation in velocity/volume/accuracy).


Thanks for the comments, glad you like it man. With some guidance & lots of patients from Sav there is a new mix in the works that should hopefully beef up the mix. I’ll have a listen out from that cymbal & see if we can’t vary that a little too :slight_smile:


Just a little bump to say the link in the first post has been updated to a new mix. :slight_smile:

definitely sounding better…good stuff !!!, Kevin


Perhaps the server was taking a nap this morning. :laughing: It’s working when I tried it a few seconds ago. It’s also here… if you’re still having problems with the original link.

Simon :slight_smile: