First note clipped when exporting WAVs

When exporting audio in Dorico, the resulting WAV file is clipped at the beginning. As the notation can’t be moved away from the start of the file and the MIDI editor doesn’t allow for moving notes to the right, some bodging is required to get a smooth start to the music.

I don’t usually export audio in this way due to this problem, I usually export MIDI and shift the music a few ticks to the right in Cakewalk to allow room for the algorithm to do its job. However, this is a continuing issue and needs looking at.

Can I suggest that 1 sec. of digital silence be added by default to every WAV export to cure this problem? Alternately, upgrade Dorico’s MIDI editor to allow moving notes away from the start of the file.

Suggestions welcome.

In Play / Playback Options / Timing / Flows, set “Pre-roll before flow” to the amount of padding you want.

So much to learn, so little time! Thanks.