First note of 2nd Flow will not play

I was creating a study guide when this happened. So I completely deleted the project and started from scratch. I created a project with Solo piano template. Halien Sonic yamaha piano sound source. Then added another Flow. I started to edit the second flow. Added 2 notes in treble clef and 2 notes in bass clef. No matter what I do I cannot get the first not in the treble clef to play. See attached dorico file.
Bug Test Project 1.dorico (559.5 KB)

Can you attach your project?


It plays here without problem. (sorry)

Ugh ! OK. I will keep testing. I am mobile right now (ASIO4All). I will check on my Focusrite when I get home to the studio tomorrow afternoon.

  1. Tried ‘generic low latency ASIO driver’. Still have the same prolem.

Omg, I’m sorry. My brain is fried.

No your brain is not fried. I posted then edited the post with the attachment while you were replying.

Time to get the hearing aids adjusted! Cranked it up really loud and now I hear it

Hahaha I feel better now!