First note of a new lane not played in cycle midi mode

Dear all,

When I do cycle recording in midi mode, the first note of the just recorded lane is not played during the first pass but well after the second pass.

To be clear… I’m recording in the first pass the kick drum in cycle mode in 4/4. I see the 4 dots on the lane1, but when passing to lane 2 to record the snare, the kick is only play the second step during the first pass ( so it plays 3 of the 4 kicks ) and play correctly the 4 steps in the second pass

I’m in Mixed Stack mode, with AQ activated and even with plugin delay compensation, it does not work… it’s like it take some time to “see” the first beat during the pass… This is the same behavior for every first beat of each lane…even if the first beat is at the third step…

I’m lost … Is this to be considered as a bug or do I do something wrong ( knowing that I have the same behavior with different VST )

Thanks a lot for your help

Make sure the note does not start before the first beat of the bar. Is the note white in color?

Sometimes the part is actually slightly longer but you’ve just sized it, however the “note on” for the first Kick is slightly before beat 1 of the measure.

This can happen with ends of parts too. I’d check that.

Even with Auto Quantize on, I’ve had this happen at times. Usually it’s just a matter of moving the note’s start time forward a bit. Sometimes I have to make a note longer than shorter for it fit. I use the nudge commands and it usually lines up.