First note of loops doesn't play.

Had this problem before, can’t remember the fix.
When I’m ReWired to reason, and set a Loop area,
the first notes in the Loop don’t play when the loop repeats.

If you stop the song, then press play, the first notes play normally.
But once the Loops cycles back to the beginning, the first notes don’t play.


Is it possible the first note precedes the beginning of the loop by even a tick?

Happens when notes are perfectly quantized.
the whole first beat of the Looping area just isn’t triggered.
(grabbing the note(s) and pushing them a tiny bit after
the first beat makes them play, but obviously doing that was
just for testing this prob. :unamused:

I got nothin’. :neutral_face: maybe someone who uses rewire will chime in, I don’t…