First orchestral track - Genesis

Hi Folks,

My first orchestral piece, and first track uploaded to Sound Cloud as well.

Still much to learn so comments welcome.

Hope you enjoy it.

what to say…well done. like it a lot, and for sure if this is your first orchestral piece in cubase. Eager to see how you progress.
Nice melodies.

Interesting melodic work, congrats!
What instruments sets are you using?

Thank you.

The Piano is from NI Komplete Ultimate - Alicia Keys
All other instruments are from Composer Cloud X - East West Hollywood Strings, Brass, Percussion, Woodwinds.
My wonderful wife bought me a 1 year subscription for Christmas and this track is the first result.

You have a nice theme running through this track, really well orchestrated. Enjoyed the listen.

I like the melodic work, in this one. Very pleasant listen.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, appreciated. Helps build confidence that I am getting something right. Really wasn’t sure about mixing and mastering especially mastering, so many different views on how to get a reference level for loudness. Was really concerned it would be either to quiet, to loud or crushed dynamic range. If people like it though it must be close enough.

Now on to piece number two, I’ve discovered Hollywood Symphonic Choir can be programmed to sing actual words in English, German and Latin! This thing is fun even with the currently annoying hanging notes bug - which they are fixing. I don’t speak Latin but I like the sound of the syllables it can produce on my track so random latin “words” here I come!

I should add for clarification, this is my first orchestral piece, not my first composition in Cubase. I’ve done other things before butGenesis is the most complex piece to date, though number 2 seems to be stacking up rather fast!

Sounded very nice. Seemed well done all around. I just posted something here too that my first orchestral type of thing. You might want to check it out for the sake of comparing what novice orchestrators might come up with. Good luck with your future endeavors.