First Page Layout

Is there a way to move the Composer Name up to a higher position on the page, in line with the Instrument title, to create a bit more room on the page for the music below (see attached, hopefully)

Do I need to create the page structure/template before starting the project?

Welcome to the forum @mrgerrybaker.

In Dorico for iPad I don’t think it’s possible to move text frames (which is what you need to do).

Gerry, yes, start by editing the Page Template called “First” of the Part Layouts.
You will habe to do this in Engrave Mode.
Just move the frame containing {@projectcomposer@} up to your desired position (=right up), make sure to copy from L>R, apply and save.
Be aware, there are two Page Template sets, one for the Score and one for the Parts.

[edit] I just noticed, you are on the iPad version. If you post your project .dorico file here, we can make the change and you can then use it on the iPad.
It is possible, that you can’t post a file yet, as you are new to this forum…
Try this file (I have made the change to move the text frame containing {@projectcomposer@} up and re-adjusting the music frame):
Bang Bang - Lady Marmalade.dorico (2.4 MB)

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Thats amazing - thanks very much - so I am able to save that now as a template for future ?

I have just taken the Jazz Trio Template, added the Alto Sax and only changed the “First” Part Layout Template. The Score Layout I have not changed.
You can use this as a starting point for new projects, probably add Big Band instruments and so on. The Parts will have this Layout on their first page.
If you have a computer (laptop or desktop), you could also load the Dorico Demoversion and have 4 weeks to tweak your own templates.

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