First page = left page

Dorico newbie here, so sorry if this is a stupid question, but after half an hour of frustration I think it’s time to ask the collective wisdom: How can I get a page layout to start page 1 on a left page instead of a right page?


Don’t spend a half hour in frustration! Come here first. :wink:

Right click on the first page, and select “insert page number change.” Change the first page to be numbered as page number 2.

Have you watched the excellent tutorials on YouTube yet?

hmm :thinking: Dan, I think Mario wants to call the left page ‘1’ and the next right page ‘2’.
This is against all conventions and I would not recommend starting this way, it would be the beginning of a lot of confusion…

Ah ok. Then you can click on page 3 (the second page), and insert another page number change. Then your pages will look like 2,2,3,4, etc. Page number isn’t typically shown on first page, so should be fine.

See photo. Not the most elegant way maybe, but it’s what I do. Interested to know if there’s a more “native” solution.

How about entering a blank title page and then starting the numbering.

Well, we don’t know exactly what is required. Perhaps the music is being added to many other pages and it needs to start as a spread. However, every left hand page must have a right hander on the other side! :slight_smile:

Another options might be just to ‘mirror’ the Master pages, so that the inside margins are outside margins and the page folios are on the other sides. :confused:

Orchestral scores may not normally do that, but sometimes it makes sense in solo music to reduce page turns. Indesign let’s you set the first page as a left page, too. Anyway, thanks Dan for your solution! It does exactly what I need!

Mario I understand what you mean. In these cases I call the first page with content (music) page 2 - so it is on the left. The second page to the right will be page 3 then :slight_smile:
And the (empty) page number 1 preceding them can hold for a nice title or so…

Ah I see what you mean now. I thought you wouldn’t let the music begin on a left page while you meant you wouldn’t call such a left page page 1, but page 2. That makes sense!

That’s the first thing to look, when making the layout of an orchestral part.
I have a look where good page turns can be placed. Sometimes the first piece or movement spans over two pages - without a good page turn opportunity. Then I would go into Layout Mode and change the first page number from ‘1’ to ‘2’.
That way the first two pages of music can be played without page turn… and so on…

Dear dankreider, thank you very much for your answers. Your solution works perfectly! I hope DoricoTeam is aware about this problem and will offer some day amore elegant way without such workarounds.