first page part not considered a masterpage

Hello Everyone,

Maybe i mistook something but in every parts of my score the first page of the parts are not considered as first masterpage but as default. It seem to be impossible to change although i try to go in the settings in page setups.

Could someone help me ?

I thank you in advance,

Eugene C.

Welcome to the forum, Eugene. Just to clarify, have you definitely been into Layout Options, selected the correct layouts in the right panel, and set the following options in the main panel?

Thanks for the answer. Just to verify i did it again after your comment and it stays the same as shown in the image i send.

I had to find a solution right away so i copied the entire score on another blank score to edit everything cause i had a deadline today. But I am quite curious as to how i could fix this mistake so that i don’t do it again in the futur.

I suspect (from the half-preview of your First master page, in the right panel) that you have deleted the music frames from your default First master page. If you’ve done this, Dorico can’t use that master page - it has nowhere to put the music.

Leo is absolutely right — notice how the blue frame is not in the First masterpage in the right panel…

I mean, it could be a reduced frame that only takes up the top half of the page, but mine is an obvious explanation (to me, at least).

Yes i think i did that by mistake… Is there a way to fix that quickly or do you have to copy/write everything again on another file?

Double click on the master page to edit it.
Select music frame from the left panel, then draw it onto the page using the mouse - you can adjust the exact position and size from the bottom panel if necessary.
Make sure it’s applied to both the left and right variants of the master page.
Then hit Apply at the top of the screen.
Job done.

Thanks a lot!