First part of audio cut off on export

Hi, loving the new D5!

I have a score that starts with a short note and a short rest:

When outputting the audio, it’s cutting off the short note and going directly into the next bar. It actually sounds like you hear the reverb of the short note, instead of the note itself, followed by the next bar.

Previous audio output with Dorico 4 was outputting this correctly, giving the short note its full value.

I know it’s a small thing, but for this score, that first note is important, and I can’t find a way to fix this.

Is this a potential audio output bug, or am I losing my mind?

What would happen if you added an eighth or sixteenth-note rest before the actual pickup?
Just a thought.

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If you add a little pre-roll in the Timing page of Playback Options, does that help at all?

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Thanks to both Derrek and Daniel.

I’ll try both and report back.


I tried Daniel’s suggestion; that worked!

Thanks so much!

You guys really did think of everything.

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