First player from setup has 2 sections in play mode

Actually the manual (pdf) does not include a section for “Play Mode”, so i am not sure how to name the areas correctly here.

In the setup there are 2 player, both with the same instrument. I setup 2 Flows and entered the notes. Finally i wanted to playback to hear if all sounds correct, and to my surprised i got the first player with 2 sections, the second player with one only.

I have no idea what i did to end up like this.
Any idea what i did wrong ?

In the “play-mode” screen shot, you get one “section” for each voice in the staff notation. Presumably Violin 1 used two voices somewhere in the score, but Violin 2 did not.

There have been some posts from the Dorico development team that this might change in a future version, since it’s not very useful in some situations.

That is it. I indeed have a few notes in flow 1 intentionally put on voice 2.