First post in the lounge, allow me to explain


Awesome Cubase Really Only Needs Your Money. :mrgreen:

But this is the point though, when I started using Cubase it was junk literally, then V4 came out and things looked up.

It was then that I had purchased Cubase Studio (the reason I can post here in the first place) and it came with the Getting Started guide which I read cover-to-cover.

I don’t know if current versions have this but simply dissing people over the manual when arguably the guide is more useful to begin is really counter IMO to good forum relations.

Took me a long time too. Didn’t need to go to a forum. My own head was enough.
Cubase is not a toy and takes years to learn and with new users it’s far easier to get answers local to yourself with less “noise” than go to an anonymous forum where the users have got to translate what is actually up with any one given problem.
In fact this forum especially should encourage new users to go elsewhere as they’d probably get more immediate answers.
And just because it’s a new user doesn’t mean they’re not necessarily D1ckeds either.

If this was a forum for guys who spent millions on old analog gear who didn’t have a clue you’d have quite a different attitude.
Cubase isn’t any simpler than old analog gear.
If someone hasn’t got a clue and can’t be bothered doing the necessary studies why should anyone else be bothered helping them? We are. And we do. And occasionally a stupid question gets a deserved ribbing but nobody DIES but you wouldn’t think so from some newcomer reactions (and some forum ones too).
Paying money for Cubase is not enough. We do need to know a little blood has been spilt as well. :mrgreen:

And I think the forum has never been as lovey-dovey as it is now. :mrgreen: Used to be full of miseryarrses who were full of themselves. Took me decades to post here. I just didn’t dare.

+1 Conman. Well said.

Look at the rest of the documentation that comes in the Cubase manual pack.
Then add the standard “RTF…” :wink:

@Conman It’s not all about “problems”.

For example the user Split has helped many a newbie with MIDI commands and proffered selfless guidance without any disdain.

And why would the level of assistance offered vary with the amount of money spent on products?

From personal experience, I’d say it’s partially the attitude of the inexperienced.

I’ve seen posts here that are like “I realize I’m new at this and am humbly requesting your experience to help me.”
I’ve also seen people that post and then two or three hours later complain that people are not helping them.

More new users need to take the response of RTM as “it’s better to learn for yourself”, which is what it is.
It’s better to learn by experimentation than by someone telling you.

And remember:
This is coming from an inexperienced person.

Which is why I mentioned the Getting Started handbuch, since I am wanting to know if this is still included in all versions including the little ones because many of the questions asked by newbies may be answerable in that text, making RTM less appropriate.

Split does excellent help. But midi commands are sometimes not basics and it’s an area that needs attention other than just Cubase basics.
You’ve misread. I said in effect that “spending money was not enough” ish. It’s the amount of EFFORT. If you are going to buy a DAW then you NEED to study it and what makes it tick to be able to get proper help in most cases. Many cries for help are about the basics. Basics that people should know about in the first place.
New DAW users are more likely to get answers about cheaper (simpler? not necessarily, I know) products than lobbying users of Cubase and the like where contributors here have spent several years mastering, mostly on college courses or in commercial studios and some of whom (and most do not even answer anything) may understandably be offhand with casual users who bought the program because it was “The thing to buy”.

Getting help here is certainly not a RIGHT for any of us and some users certainly think it somehow is.

From the comparison chart:
The printed Getting Started Guide is included in Artist and the Full Version.

Even then, the getting started guide is spartan at best.
Going by my Cubase 6 getting started guide:
6 Chapters spanning 50 pages.
Chapter 1: About
No help at all.
Chapter 2: Installation and License Activation
Have seen some topics on this.
Chapter 3: Creating Your First Project
Literally how to create a project, setting the driver used by Cubase, and how to add input and output busses.
Chapter 4: Recording Audio
Create track, set levels, push record, push play, and playback options.
Chapter 5: Recording MIDI
Create instrument track, browse sounds, set the input.
Chapter 6: Mixing and Effects
Set levels, set pan, Mute and solo, adding EQ, how to set up insert and send fx, Mixdown

All in all very basic. Saves trees too!
If people don’t look at the electronic manual, they aren’t going to have a clue.
And they sometimes don’t.

If they ask politely for help, we are more willing to give it. Also extends to after the first reply as well.

Sure, assistance is not a right, and it pays to have manners and my own experience(s) show that help is only given through patience. (Jedi Masters always say this to young padawans).

To my way of thinking, the above means that regardless of the type of gear, money talks and BS walks, which is not helpful in the bigger picture and could lead to various bannings irrespective of the knowledge of those being banned as has been demonstrated on numerous occasions over the years.

+1 for the “Split mode” of forum interactions :smiley: . One of the heroes of this forum. Can’t ever remember a rude comment to any newbie, or anyone else. And of course above and beyond that, great (+) contributions.

You all smell of fish… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Thanks, your halo was beginning to blind me! :laughing:


Well, I am mainly using MIDI so can program fade-out’s using CC7 but I still do not know how to use expression.

It’s taken me considerable time to even work through velocity changes in the Key Editor, let alone understand List Edit, not to mention the Logical Editor.

Sometimes concepts appear daunting and a small amount of empathy can go along way which on the whole I believe is demonstrated by the community.

Meaiow! Burp! :mrgreen:

Easiest way with fade outs on audio+midi material is to export the track with no fade then re-import to a new Project and add fades to the complete mix and export again.

That’s correct if you want it on the entire song. For individual tracks, dragging the fade handles or the audio processing will do. I’m pretty sure you can also achieve certain fade formations in the inspector.