First real foray into Cubase Pro. pretty much unusable.

I updated from Cubase Artist 8.0 to Cubase Pro 8.5 to a large degree because Artist would crash every time I saved in OSX Sierra and I didn’t see many reported complaints about Pro doing this. I needed some of the Note Expression and Chord Track functionality of Pro for my work. After a week and many hours of trying to make this work, I can no longer use Cubase Pro 8.5 because the crashes are too frequent.

So, I’m just curious for those who have used Cubase for awhile if I can count on Steinberg addressing these issues in the future or is this common for them to take so long to address compatibility issues. (I’m assuming have to do with Mac OS updates!)

You can put me down for complaining about this but it is a real deterrent and disappointment for me to spend the money for a “professional” application and have these kind of bugs at this point. Having to switch back to my old DAW.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Cubase overall, just am unable to use it for my work.


Make sure, your plug-ins are up to date (especially if you are using Waves).

If it doesn’t help, try to trash Preferences of Cubase, please.

thank you. All my plugins are up to date. Also, the first thing I tried was trashing preferences. Then I systematically removed Cubase using the guidelines on Steinberg website and did a fresh install from scratch and there was no difference. It seems to crash mostly when I using a function that has to have disk access like saving settings or presets or projects. Then instant crash. When I save a project file, it usually crashes before saving so I was just saving every project as a template since that’s the only save that doesn’t crash. Someone on KVR who is very experienced with Cubase is having the exact same issues.

Try to trigger Repair Disk Permission or First Aid (depends in your Mac OS X version).

Also put your specs in your signature, so people are informed. Try to be specific about

Cubase does crash, but not that often. It really is a fine program, keep the faith. To give you some idea, I have been working creating templates too (on WIN 10 though) and I get about one crash every eight hours work. Of course you can periodic set back ups. My crashes are usually when I do obscure stuff.


thanks. I’m on Sierra and there is no more Repair Disk Permissions last time I checked. There is not another DAW I own that does this ( and I use many, reason I wanted to use Cubase is because I have a ROLI, and I love how they implement Note Expressions)

Ok, good suggestions! Will keep pluggin away and add my system to my specs…

Make sure your elicenser is up-to-date. Go to the license control center and run maintenance.

yeh, thanks. Did this before I re-installed.

A google search for “mac sierra app crashes on save” yielded this, eerily similar to what you’re saying.

So I wonder if this might have to do with icloud being active on your Mac.