First recording with Tubemike (rode)

Wauw, I have a Stagg condenser that costs around 150 Euro I think. But now I borrought a tubeMike (Rode NTK) and what a difference!!
Here’s the song lies, first take on it. I still have to figure things out, All my typical eq settings are changed, I have to vocalride a lot more because of the better dynamics. But man, I want this mike. (no money)

The song is inspired by my youngest son who is 4, and believes there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. To fit it in the ’ look at the world’ theme where I am working on, I made it in a song that tells how bizar we are to not invest in future generations.

Comments are highly welcome, as always.

Greetz Dylan.

Sounds good so far Dylan. I have a Rode NT3 here, sounds great for just a little money. The NTK with you is around 500 Euros? Hope you can get the money together, it’s a good acquisition :sunglasses:


I like this one a lot. Listened to it a couple of times. Would be interesting to hear a comparison version with your regular mic.

This is a preview of the whole project, at 44.38 at the comment starts Lies recorded with the other mike.

Greetz Dylan

soundin great dylan, very cool vocal and harmony work. a real dramatic edge to the tracks orchestration.
man what a build back up that starts around 2:20. huge work mate, well done!