First run - first crash

How’s that for a bad omen. When pressing “already registered” C6 crashed and froze Win7. Think about it…it was THE first thing i did in the program. I’m scarred now. :cry:

Ah - second try and we’re up and running. gotta say I love the new look allready after having spent 1 minutte with Cubase6. Nice work on the GUI Steinberg!

AHA! Anybody noticed the scrolling of long filenames in the inspector when you mouse over it. Very slick! Wonder they didn’t do it on the mixer channels name strips and in the inserts…slick none the less!

Yes - the new Arranger Page (Parts/Events) look, seems like they’ve lifted it wholesale from Sequel and brought it into Cubase…

Its not the Nuendo UI, is it…!?!

Hmm… wonder what they’ve got in mind for Sequel 3…?

I do hope you meant ‘scared’ as if Cubase 6 had physically scarred you that would be a pretty serious crash! :wink:

Hahaha…maybe I’ve been mentally scarred :mrgreen:

Damn grammar.