first/second aka 'repeat' endings

is there a way to use the ARRANGER track or some feature in Cubase Pro to set up repeat sections that have first and second endings?
(AKA “repeat endings” )

You can use the arranger track and mark various time intervals, for example:
A = Intro
B = verse
C = chorus
D = outro
E = Alternative Verse
Then edit the arranger track to play A, B, B, C, B, C, E, D or whatever you decide the order to be.

Thanks for the response but this seems fine for the kinds of song sections named , it ( the current arranger track functionality) doesn’t seem well suited to represent say a 16 bar verse which when repeated merely has a different last ( 16th ) bar second time around.

Ok guess it would be this:

A - 15 bars ( verse )
B - 1 bar ( first ending)
C - 1 bar ( second ending )

And then set up the arrange sequence as:


But imagine if one day Steinberg adds a feature to Dorico+Cubase Pro which alllows the project midi and arrange sequence metadata to be exported from Cubase into Dorico ( or anothervnotation program ) then there would be no information in the arrange list to allow Dorico to interpret true fact that B and C and C are second 1 bar endings.