First snare pops really loud on playback and mixdown causing clip

Whenever I listen back to my track from the beginning in Cubase, as soon as the beat kicks in after the intro, the first snare pops really loud almost every time causing the track to clip, and you also hear it in the mixdown. The strange thing is it’s not every time but almost every time, like 99.9% of the time in playback that is, but in the mixdown however, it literally is every time, 100%. I’ve tried unchecking “Note” in Chase Events after doing some research, and it made no difference whatsoever.

Please can you help?

Not sure what chase events would do for you, do you have program changes embedded?

If program change events are set to be chased, Cubase tracks the music back to the beginning, finds the first program change, and transmits it to your synth, setting it to the correct sound.

Do you have a compressor on the track?

Try lowering the velocity of that one hit?

Hi Tacman7. Thank you for your reply.

I realise saying “pop” might be misleading, I just meant played.

It’s definitely nothing to do with Chase Events.

Yes I have a compressor on it.

Lowering the velocity won’t make any difference other than making the first hit too quiet, as it definitely has nothing to do with the velocity of the hit, as I noted before it doesn’t happen all the time, just most, which means it’s definitely a glitch…it might be something to do with the compressor…

Try putting a limiter after the compressor?

I hate gremlins.

Usually something I’m not understanding but sometimes problems in the DAW.

Have to find a workaround because they’re only fixing the new versions.