First staccato notes changes pizz to arco

In a pizz bass part the first 4 staccato notes shown here plays arco.
If I toggle the staccato dots off I get pizz - but then the next notes with dots play arco… :confused:
If I put staccato dots on notes earlier THEY play arco and the notes later play pizz.
It seems like the first time Dorico sees a staccato dot it changes sound for as long as there are dots - until it gets to a note without a staccato dot. Then everything is allright for the rest of the score.
I’m using Halion SE 3 with a double bass solo combi sound - and I have reset playback overrides.
What’s going on here ?

Correction - it’s a random thing. If I put staccato dots on random notes it does it sometimes…

In my experience, the most likely culprit is that your expression map needs to include a combined playing technique for pizzicato+staccato. Try adding such a technique to your expression map and see if it behaves more as expected. (By way of example, you might encounter a similar kind of error if you notated pizzicato con sordino without an explicit pizzicato+muted playing technique.) You can find a fairly recent thread discussing a similar issue, where people have taken the time to post screenshots, if you’d find a visual explanation helpful.

From what I understand, the team is working on a more elegant way of addressing multiple playing techniques, when the “exclusion groups” feature of expression maps is fully implemented in a future version. Many of us are very excited to have this feature ASAP, even though it will probably necessitate making revisions to many of the xMaps we’ve already made!