First Staves are not hidden, despite settings

I have set “Hide Empty Staves” to “Always”, but Dorico is still showing empty staves on the first system of every flow. Is here anything to be done?

Yes, probably your project was imported from MusicXML, and there are explicit clefs at the start of each staff: select them and delete them and all should be well. Dorico should ideally not create explicit clefs if the clef of the imported instrument is the same as the default clef of the instrument it ends up choosing to use, but for various boring technical reasons it’s a little awkward to make this the case, though we do plan to address that in future.

Bingo. Thanks, Daniel.

Presumably, I can use this technique to force an empty staff to Show?

Yes, you can, though it’s probably only useful at the start of a flow, because otherwise you’ll get a clef change at the end of the previous system that you will probably not want.