First steps - download completed but unformatted score

Hello, I have managed to complete the writing of the Walzer Capricien, but would like now to download the complete but unformatted version, in order to learn about reformatting the pages into the final form.

There is a link on page 51 of First Steps, but it does not seem to lead to a download - where can I find it, please ?


Click the link on page 51 (which is Dorico First Steps Documentation), then click Piano Piece Resources.

This will give you a zipped (compressed) folder that contains two Dorico projects.

Thank you, but it is the wrong piece - it is completed. In the First Steps guide on page 51 it says :
“… downloaded the completed but unformatted Dorico project from Steinberg help, your project should look something like this”

it then shows an illustration of the project consisting of four pages. The one from the user manuals page downloads two pages of a completed project, or I am missing something.
The second file is unuseable, as far as I can see.

The zip file that you download from the First Steps “landing page” contains two files:

  1. A PDF of the completed and formatted piece, for reference

  2. A Dorico project of the complete but unformatted Dorico project, which you can open

I just downloaded the zip file, and the project opens fine for me – if you open it in Dorico 4, it will show a warning that the project was last saved in 3.5.10.

Thank You Lillie, I tried to open it, but the format was not what Irecognised - now , if it is a Dorico file, I can understand why.

Thank you again, Lillie, I have now downloaded the file. Sorry I seem to be a bit slow on these things.