First Steps - Export Audio - Title Problem

I am at “First Steps - Exporting Audio”, and I see that the Flow Title is still “Flow 1” Instead of the intended title in the lesson: “Walzer-Capricen”. [See attached Screen Shot]. I assume I made a mistake earlier in the tutorial. Can someone tell me how to re-title “Flow 1” to “Walzer Capricen”? I am surprised that there are no titling options at this stage.

Go back to Write mode, cmd (or ctrl on PC)-i, then check what title the Flow has (not the Project, the first flow). You might want to change that.

This is a good point: audio export uses the flow name (in the left list in Project Info), but First Steps only takes you through changing the flow title by way of copying it from the project.

You can rename the flow in Project Info by:

  • Selecting Flow 1 in the left list
  • At the bottom of that list, click Rename (3rd button from the left).
  • Change the name in the list.

I’ll add a suitable step to the guide for future iterations.