"First steps" Layout lesson (Pro 5)

First - sincere thanks to the Forum. Without your help I could not have absorbed the material nearly as quickly.

I am continuing my work on the “First Steps” lessons. I am in Dorico Pro 5. A few questions have come up as I do the Layout lesson:

{“First steps” Layout lesson}
Lesson instruction:
“If you enter the top text frame on page 1, by either double-clicking it or selecting the edge and pressing Return, the token that populates with the project title is shown:”
I went into Engrave mode and had no trouble accessing the “title” token by double-clicking in the frame. However nothing that I could identify as an “edge”+Return[Enter] caused the same title token to appear. May I ask, what do they mean by “Edge”?

In the same lesson, it additionally says:
“In Dorico Pro, you can right-click inside text frames to access tokens via the context menu.”
Again, in Engrave Mode, I right-clicked inside the Title text frame, and the following menu items came up, but none was the title token:
Paste Special, Filter, bar number, Staff Size but no title token

Also, the tutorial mentions the “First Page” template and the “Default Page” template but does not indicate where these can be accessed. Can anyone advise where to access these named templates? I have uploaded my current state of the “Walzer Capricen” file

Walzer-Capricen.dorico (1.3 MB)

You need to be in Frames edit mode (square icon in left menu) or editing a Page Template.

You must be actively editing the contents of the text frame for that context menu.

The edge of the frame, as marked by the green boundaries shown on the 4 sides of each text frame. Clicking a green edge selects the whole text frame, meaning you can then press Return to start editing text inside it.

Yes, this means when you’re already inside the text frame, and can see the blinking text cursor.

If you can hang on to your patience for a few pages, you’ll get to this page that takes you through where to find page templates, and how to make a simple edit:

By the way, just for your ongoing learning so you can more easily search for relevant material: because “template” can mean many different things, generally you’ll find that Dorico pairs the word “template” with an appropriate descriptor. So, we have “page templates” as the general function/feature, and the two page templates provided out of the box are called “First” and “Default”.

Lillie -
Just to quote the tutorial again "If you enter the top text frame on page 1, by either double-clicking it or selecting the edge and pressing Return, the token that populates with the project title is shown:””

Craig_F mentions going into “Frames” mode to use the “Edge+Return Feature”
a) First of all, I do not see this in the "Getting Started " Tutorial
b) Engrave Mode opens in "Graphic Editing " mode (also not mentioned).
c) In “Graphic Editing Mode” the shortcut “click on edge press return” does not bring up the name of the token (i.e. @projectTitle@. ). Repeat…I have clicked on all green edges in the top text frame and pressed return (“enter”). Now, just to double check… in Windows… “return” = “enter” yes? I repeat :the only thing that happens when I click on any green edge and press return (enter) is a small pulsating green square appears briefly. The actual token (i.e. @projectTitle@. ) never appears as it does when I double-click within the text frame. Am I supposed to be seeing the title token when I click on a green edge and press return?
d) If I follow Craig F’s instruction and click into “Frames” moide, it gets worse. The green boundaries get bigger but, again, the token (i.e. @projectTitle@) never displays. As a matter of fact, in this mode I have accidentally erased the contents of the title frame several times. So…I don’t know what I am doing wrong. None of the answers to my post are producing the same result as double-clicking inside the frame. Am I supposed to be seeing the token name ? Or am I misunderstading the text of the tutorial ““If you enter the top text frame on page 1, by either double-clicking it or selecting the edge and pressing Return, the token that populates with the project title is shown:””

Here is my experience of what Manny is trying to sort out - I am also using Dorico Pro 5, and I’m on a Mac.

All the following assumes that I am in the Frames sub-mode within Engrave mode.

If I double-click inside the text frame, it shows the token name(s);

If I click the edge of the frame (evidenced by the frame border becoming thicker) and then press Return, it shows the token name(s).

If I click the edge of the frame and then press Enter, it starts playback.

So in this situation, at least on a Mac, the Return and Enter keys are treated differently.
In most software, Return and Enter are generally treated as being functionally equivalent. They have different key codes (what is sent to the CPU when the key is pressed) so they can be differentiated, but the software (application and/or system) decides what action to take when a key is pressed.

I don’t know if there is a key combination (for example, shift-alt-Enter) on Windows which will make the Enter key behave the same as the Return key on Mac. Better minds than mine will probably know such information. Maybe try ctrl-M as a Windows substitute for the Mac Return key.

Once you have successfully made the tokens show, then the context menu will contain the tokens information.

The Page Templates can be accessed (when you are in Engrave mode) in the right panel (cmd-9 on a Mac, ctrl-9 on Windows).

Return and Enter are indeed handled as separate keys, and Dorico maps some of the keys on the numeric keypad (including Enter) to the same kinds of transport functions as Cubase’s default key commands.

This is a very good point, thank you for pointing that out. That is a fairly important nuance that would be good to add here, which I will do.

Craig is correct: you can only select frames when the Frames button is selected in the Engrave toolbox. Double-clicking works when Graphic Editing is selected, though.

Your manual overrides are mostly likely the cause of the token not appearing as expected.

In Engrave mode, in the panel on the right, look for the page icon that corresponds to the page you’re trying to edit. If you see a red triangle, that means the page has been overridden.

Select the page in that right panel, and click the Remove Overrides button in the action bar below.

When you’re back to the default settings, the token should return to its rightful place.

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This isn’t quite right: you can access the tokens context menu inside any text frame, including a text frame that contains nothing at all. It simply requires that you’re actively inside the text frame: that is, you can see the blinking cursor that indicates “text editing”.

Thank-you for your guidance. Today I did successfully enter “Frames” mode, click on an edge, press “enter” on windows, and I did successfully view the same token as when I double-clicked. Slowly but surely…more questions to come. Thanks to Craig and Lillie + all. Also the comment that “pressing -enter- in the keypad starts playback” did appear to be true here.