First successful Nuendo & WaveLab/Android Remote Sessions

:nerd: PLEASE NOTE: USAudio has absolutely no affiliations of any kind other than End User with the manufacturers of any tools, gear, VSTs or any other programs/software/equipment used in the course of our test conducted today Wend., August 21, 2013 .

:ugeek: We are very proud to announcement that today at 2:00 PM EST USAudio, Inc.(Gainesville, Florida) has just completed the first successful Nuendo & WaveLab/Android Remote Recording & Mastering Session utilizing: Steinberg’s Halion and UR22 interface along with NI’s Komplete Audio 6, Spectrasonics’ RMX, Omnisphere and Trilian all triggered by: Novations’s UltraNova. All went smooth as silk. We Exported our Nuendo Mix directly into WaveLabe and processed our final Mastering through iZotope’s Ozone. NO CRASHES WHAT SO EVER! NUENDO OPERATED FANTASTICALLY WELL! We will be releasing a video on the process shortly. WE LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT OUR NUENDO & WAVELAB. IT’S ROCK SOLID. :smiley: