First thoughts...

Just bought them and they are fantastic!!
Just started replacing them on a mix i was working on, real subtle but real obvious at the same time.
Never heard a plugin like this before, thats for sure :smiley:
I started with them today so i’m still getting use to them but i’m overall really really impressed.

I tried the demo way back and loved them but found them to expensive for me at the time.
Still not cheap but definitely worth it in my opinion.

Anybody some tips on using the feed forward and feed back setting?
-When to use or not to use?
-which instruments?

With feed back on, it seems, it gives the sound some extra drive or something.


Try sidechaining the compressor as a bass insert, with the sidechain input being the kick drum and switching between feed back & feed forward modes once you get the threshold right…then tweak the attack & tune the release to match the beat…
Or even the other way around, and compress the kick drum from a sidechain input off the bass.

Cubendo helps here as you can run the VST3 version

Thanks Neil,

Definitely gonna try that, never tried the reverse method before, curious about that one :sunglasses:
Loving the sound of the two, especially the eq, sometimes it feels like cheating a bit.

Do you feel the low-shelf is proficient for most instruments or do you find yourself using other eq’s for cutting the lows?

Thanks for reading


Depends on what you mean by “cutting the lows”.
Unless I want to slap an HPF filter in there, the shelves on the 5033 are just fine more often than not.
I must admit I generally use the Portico as a buss or group EQ though, rather than a track one - for those duties I would usually pull up a 1073/1080/31102 instead. To my way of working it seems to belong on groups & busses as if it were designed for that task and it is almost impossible to get it to actually sound bad. You can manage “poor” with it, but outright “bad” is something this little beast does not seem to understand.

You’ll have a lot of fun with the 5043 as well - in VST3 with the sidechain (and if the sidechain is not there then download the update) getting you a host of options unlocked.

Always nice to know how others work, and getting some pointers out of it to.
At this point i’m just putting it on everything in a track :smiley:
Don’t want dozens of eq’s and compressors either, better stick with a couple, for me anyways :slight_smile:

Thanks for the insights neil!