First time Cubase can't install

I’ve now installed twice, found this and followed:

When I try to open Cubase I get:
“No Valid License Found” (whether or not I have elicencer open, if I run elicencer as admin there, there are no licences, cant add one — I did install this as admin, not sure if I should run as admin or not after).

If I try to enter license it tells me to first close the elicenser. I do and it still complains of this.

I guess my question is:
Are there clear single document instructions to follow for Cubase LE? I am considering in place of Reason but where their process just works, this one — and on both a Win and Mac computer is leaving me frustrated and wondering what I’m getting into with Cubase.


What Cubase LE version do you own, please? Did you get an Activation Code, Download Access Code it Serial Number, please?

Hi thanks so it is Cubase LE bundled with a Allen And Heath mixer - I don’t see any other version info other than its LE. Definitely would be looking to go for fuller version if I can figure out that I like this. I have a download access code that worked to put into the downloader. It shows the product. From there… its a mess. Do you want me to send you my download code?

I have a download code and before I followed the instructions on the link I provided above I had a chance to enter a license code when trying to open cubase but now the error which I posted above, I can’t even get there.


If you got a Download Access Code, you definitely get higher than Cubase 6. So the article is not the one you should follow.

Once you entered the Download Access Code, you should get an Activation Code. Start eLCC and enter the Activation Code. Then your Cubase is ready to go.

Thanks for the help, this kept me trying. Figured out, I found the activation code here on the web page

… where I’d been trying to find it in the local eLicenser itself.

Can you answer an unrelated question? – I have Cubasis on ipad and love the sounds, what version of Cubase would contain the same patches as Cubasis? I’m trying to get off the Apple ecosystem so trying to see if I can replace it with Cubase


I would prefer a new thread about the other topic but… If you use built-in Cubasis sounds, they will be transferred to built-in Cubase sounds (HALion Sonic SE sounds).

Thanks, that’s great. If I have additional questions I’ll make a new topic for. Really appreciate the support and it means a lot how responsive you all are.

FWIW you all have a great aesthetic going with the UI and usability – I love how Cubasis is designed and in the first few minutes with Cubase it also feels quite nice.