First Time Editing Parts - Question

Hi. I am a long time Finale user but am loving Dorico. I am editing parts for the first time. My final stave in my Flute part is a little too wide - stretching four bars across the entire page. I have searched for ways to grab the end of that stave and move it to the left a bit for a better appearance with no success. I’m sure it’s something simple. All help appreciated.

Either adjust in Engrave (Note Spacing mode). Select the big box at the end and nudge it (it will turn red to say it’s moved).
Or, change the Layout>Note Spacing> 'Only justify last stave in flow if >x% full.

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@Janus Perfect - works great. But now the stave above it has expanded to fill the entire page, left to right. Do I just keep playing with it?

A picture, or better a file, that shows the problem would be quickest to get the right help. Otherwise we are just guessing.

@Janus - thanks again. The percentage worked better for me than the dragging. Good solution.