First time grace period

Hello all,

First time on the forums, first time experiencing a new Cubase release. I’m looking for confirmation from you experienced folks.

I upgraded my Cubase Elements 10 to 10.5 on October 25th, which should be within the grace time (October 14) for 11 upgrade.

When I check for grace period using my eLicenser number I get:

"Currently there is no grace period update available for the eLicenser with the number "

Am I doing something wrong? Is that right? Or is it because the eLicenser servers are on fire?

Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome,

Steinberg servers are overloaded at this time. Maybe I would wait a bit.

Thank you, will do!

Still not working, are the servers still overloaded?


I would recommend to wait for few more days, please.

It’s now Monday. You should have more luck , now that the weekend is over.

Still the same error unfortunately,

It would be good to know if anyone else is in the same position as me, but I’m in no big rush or anything so no harm done.

Also, it’s still Sunday for me and everyone else in Vancouver :smiley:


Now I would already recommend to get in contact with Steinberg support.

Thanks Martin, I’ve opened a support ticket.

Have you checked your actual license in the eLCC already? Most of the times the grace period update happens automatically. So if the license is updated already, the check will certainly tell you, you are not eligible.


It happens only when Maintenance is triggered. But most of the users do trigger it during every single start, because the welcome screen leads to it.

No definitely not “only”.

I didn’t have to do maintenance either. It just happened automatically during Activation.


That’s right, during the init license download, you always get the latest license available.