First time I can track at Buffer of 32 samples

Did a Bluegrass session over the weekend and was able to track at 32 samples for he first time ever in Cubase. Even had a couple of plugins going at the time. I’m Using 7.51 with the SSL MadiExtreme PCIE Card in a 2009 MacPro 3.2ghz 8 Core running Mavericks 10.92. Seems like things are improving as far as low latency and tracking. I think most of the improvement is coming from Cubase but I think Mavericks is helping. I am using the ASIO Guard BTW. Wouldn’t be able to do this other wise. I was able to track reliably at a buffer of 64 before though in Cubase 6.5

I can do 32 samples latency on Windows with RME HDSP cards since like forever. But I read that macs are not so good in this area. Good to hear the finally macs are catching up.