First time launch ALWAYS crashes

I just wondered if anyone else has this particular problem? Without fail C6 always crashes, simply vanishes from the screen the first time I launch after starting up my DAW. After I’ve allowed sufficient time for it to clear from Task Manager (maybe 5 mins or so) I can relaunch and continue to use it without problem. Very odd I thought. :confused:

My Cubase 6.0.3/64 always launches ok, but 70% of loading first project seizes Cubase.

But it maybe some 32bit plug ins causing my problem.

Back in Cubase 3 and 4 days, I never ever had crashes or seizures.

Here I am with a very powerful i7 PC and the latest Cubase, and I feel as though I have gone backwards.


ditto… I just spent over £1200 on a new PC to move upto W7 64bit and cubase 6. at the moment my system is unusable. I was careful to run a test install on a different W7 64bit pc to make sure all drivers, vst’s worked etc…

did a clean install on new pc (i7, 16gb ram, sata 3 drives) and I have had nothing but problems. locking, freezing and hanging EVERYTIME I exit the program. settings lost/not saved…midi not working properly… etc after 15 year I am seriously thinking about kicking cubase into touch and looking at other options!

Same problem for me… C6 always crashes at the opening… I’m on Win XP 32 bits

…its getting worse… :confused:

Launch C6, Open project. Hit ‘play’ - CRASH!
wait 5 minutes.
Launch C6, Open project. Hit ‘play’ - CRASH!
wait 5 minutes.
Launch C6, Open project. Hit ‘play’ - Works fine!

…until I later close that particular project and the cycle starts again with the next project :neutral_face: