First time singing

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Nice, good recording and interesting arrangement. I like the increase you gave to the guitar low frequencies, that works well in my opinion. It might be a bit too much, as after listening the entire song it did tire my ears a bit.
I find that especially in the refrain (‘It doesn’t have to be this way’) the song is a bit ‘empty’ for lack of a better word. There is more than enough space left for adding another instrument in the middle frequency range, like some keys or electric guitar (I know, then it’s no longer acoustic :wink:)

I like the style of this. I agree with Strophoid about the “something else” here and there. I’m hearing some super saturated chunky electric guitar in certain parts and maybe some distorted vocal echoes. It’s nice as it is though, too. For a first time singing I’d say it’s a job well done :sunglasses: .

I think the singing is good. The arrangement is good, although maybe a little flat in that the guitar is identical each time it’s played. Just a thought.

Well, first time singing? Congrats! I felt the vocal was mixed a little low though, almost like you were trying to ‘hide’ yourself in the mix a little, giving me the impression that there was an overall lack of confidence. There’s parts of the delivery where I reckon there’s potential for you to really ‘let go’.
(Can I hear some tuning artifacts here and there? )

I’d be tempted to knock back a few beverages of your choice, build up a bit of alcohol-induced bravado, and have another crack at it! :smiley: The basics are there, it just needs a less inhibited delivery - sing like no-one’s watching! :wink:

I get what the guys above are saying about the arrangement needing 'something else" though I suspect this need would be less with a bolder vocal grabbing all the attention. :sunglasses: