First time user; Live Band recording from mixing board

Need steps to setup for Live Band recording from mixing board.

You need to describe how your hardware is configured. Also what is your Audio interface and how many inputs does it support. What are your recording goals - multi-track, stereo mix? Basically if you want folks to give you advice you need to give them enough info to do so.

Step 1: Explain what you are using for hardware and software.
Step 2: Explain why a “first time user” would be attempting this.

I hope you haven’t made any promises to the live band :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

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Step3: Consult the manual of the live board. Many of them have simple recording facilities on board.

How much do you get paid to tell people to use the manual?

To be honest, I own three different live sound consoles with integrated recording facilities and the capability to make live recordings without any extra software involved. And there are more consoles out there with similar possibilities.

And all of them have very useful manuals.
So it is not infamy to suggest consulting the manuals of these consoles.

Further assistance is not possible since we have no valid information about the situation.