First Transient missing

Hi, i seem to have a problem with c7, when i add loops to the project the first transient of the loop is missing, say id i use a kick drum loop of say 2 bars and copy this the first kick is some of the time missing the attack of the rest of the loop .i know its not the loop as i have cut the loop and copied this and it still happens.
has anyone got a fix for this, as i tried every thing ,whats strange is if i cut the loop and put it in ga1 its ok .


Is it just at the start of the track or else where all well? Some first notes of midi at the start of a track not playing back is a nuisance but seem to rectified by leaving a count in. Shouldn’t be happening though.

THis is happening only on audio loops, even if i copy the loop 20 times it can happen its like cubase is not reading the sample in time? also must point out this only happens when the loop is imported from media bay and is time stretched to fit the tempo automatically .

The timestretching method can effect transients, if they’re short they can stutter or even be missed out. Perhaps try the loop without time-stetch to see if it makes any difference? If this fixes it then you could try another time-stretch algorithm, or bounce down at the preferred tempo to see if that helps.